Resonance Traning for musicians

What is Resonance Training?

Resonance Training is an approach to movement from a musical-artistic perspective, founded 27 years ago by German violinist Thomas Lange. “The more ease in the movement, the more resonant the sound”, is the basis of this work.

Resonance Training gives you the tools to amplify your quality of sound and use your body as an essential factor of your resonance. This leads to a more open, resonant, and full sound, free of tensions, and to more contact with the instrument, the acoustic space and the audience.

How does that look like?

Here are a few examples:

  • A colleague learned, through our work together, to dissolve the tension she was feeling in her neck-shoulder area.

  • Another colleague approached me because he was only playing "for the money" and wasn't feeling the connection to music anymore. He could, in a short period of time, regain his joy for practicing, and experience his creative power in his everyday life as a musician.

  • A young colleague was playing under her capabilities when the stakes were high, i.e. her musicianship was highliy compromised through her stage fright. With our lessons, she learned to perform her best, even under stressful conditions, and finally got accepted to the music university of her choice.

  • A well-known colleague regularly seeks my advice on how to perform with even more ease and to achieve deeper states of flow.

Who is it for?

This work is for musicians of all instruments, including singing and conducting, instrument and singing teachers, and music students.

How is Resonance Training learned?

In individual lessons at the instrument or in workshops (please refer to the events page for upcoming workshop dates).

"Working with Maria has revolutionised my playing by connecting it more clearly to my body and forces like gravity, speed, and balance, and freed me of longstanding pain associated with music making, in my body as much as in my mind." Shasta Ellenbogen, viola, Berlin

Try it out in your practice room

The quality of your sound depends on your physical shape

If you've played a whole concert programme, or even a tour, you know that as musicians we need strength and stamina to do our work. At the same time, we are expressive artists, i.e. our most important tool is our great sensitivity. We need, thus, a physical disposition that will allow us to generate and release tension at will, with the greatest ease possible.

That's what the body movements of Resonance Training are for. Body movements of Resonance Training enable you to develop elastic movement, while at the same time raising the quality of your sound. Having the body available in this form makes not only for shorter and more effective study sessions - you achieve your goals in less time - and also allows you to discover a deeper physical opening, in which new possibilities can develop.

"I'm really doing those exercises you showed us, every day for 15-20 minutes. I'm already noticing a difference in my making changes as I play. When you said that I would need to practice less, I couldn't believe it. It makes so much more sense now." Anne, flute, workshop participant

Try it out in your practice room