Today I want to share with you what is, in my opinion, the Number One reason why we suffer from performance nerves.

Many musicians think, it's because they're technically not skilled enough, or not concentrated enough, or that the pressure is unbearable. But I think it's about something else.

I think we suffer most from stage fright because we don't want to feel how we feel.

The causes for stage fright are different for each musician. But this is not only about the causes. It's about the sensation, the feeling of stage fright. And it's especially about how we deal with that feeling of stage fright.

We don't have to suffer under stage fright. We can use it for our purposes.

Somehow, everything seems to go under the label of "stage fright". That's why the topic feels for many musicians like a ball of wool, which no-one really knows how to disentangle. The idea of it alone makes a contraction in the body.

The disentanglement of the "ball of wool" stage fright is a key topic in my next weekend workshop in Marburg, Germany, on 24th and 25th February. In this course, I open up a protected space in which each participant can take a look at their personal "ball of wool". When this happens, we can together disentangle the "ball of wool", so that we get a wool twine in the end. With this twine, we can do something - like knit a pullover which is warm and can protect us. It's about learning how I can turn the sensation of stage fright from an unpleasant feeling into an expressive and liberating sensation.

New influences at the DTKV weekend workshop in Marburg, 24-25 February

I've been developing and bringing in new influences to my work with musicians for some time now. I will be introducing much of it for the first time in public during the course in Marburg. The DTKV Marburg has invited me to give this course.

Further topics during the course:

  • How do I explore Free Improvisation for me as a player and as a teacher in the work with my students?
  • How do I practice so that the body feels refreshed after practicing?
  • How do I bring these new insights to my students?
  • How do I use my new competencies to add value to my teaching profile?

Applications are open for non-members of DTKV Marburg

Applications are now open for non-members of the musician's association and that's why I can make this information public. The course fee includes the possibility to work with me 1:1 during the course and the DTKV association has set it at a generous 100,00 EUR for both days. The capacity for 1:1 work is limited, that's why I recommend getting in touch with me early enough, if it's something you're interested in.

How do I enroll?

To enroll, please write me an email and I will inform you of the next steps. Please note that the course language will be in German. Thank you also for sharing the info with musical people you might know in the area of Marburg / Gießen / Frankfurt Main / Kassel / Göttingen / Köln, etc.

Here's to a wonderful year for you and for us!

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