Ever heard of the thread that is supposed to be pulling your head up towards the ceiling?

How dangerous is this image, although at the beginning it may be helpful for some people. However, as a mental instruction derived from an external image, it quickly reaches its limits.

What may happen, when people stick to the thread on the ceiling, is that they don't feel when it's too much, when the body is aiming too high, becomes too straight, too stiff. Then the benefit reverses, then the body becomes rigid, immobile. Very few understand this. Most people think they are doing something good for their body when they imagine the thread. Some go as far as to take their thread everywhere they go, and their stiffness as well.

What would happen if instead you try to open spaces in the body, within a movement or through a movement? Then the body opens in all directions, not just upwards. If you try this for yourself, you will find that you naturally lift yourself up a little bit, that your breathing can flow a little more in your body. All without thinking of a thread.

Many are afraid of slumping, of not sitting or standing "straight", then imagine the thread and wonder why they have back or neck pain.

There is a big difference between sitting straight and upright. „Straight" fulfills an assignment from outside, from an earlier time. "Upright" comes from inside, from an opening, from the flow of the moment.

Honoring a mental image or being pain free and mobile - the decision is up to you.

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