10 year old Szofi ist new at school, and her greatest wish is to sing in the school choir. She always loved to sing, and in the choir there is that nice girl from her new class, and that's great, because otherwise not many people have been noticing her yet.

And then there is the choir teacher... she is so sweet and patient, in every rehearsal, so very enthusiastic, that the choir has already been awarded several prizes. What a great honour for a "small" school choir! What an honour and joy to be a part of it and sing there. Of course she is on board!

But after the first rehearsal Szofi has to realize that the actions of the conductor aren't so inspiring after all... should she say something or remain silent?

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Why Christian Tetzlaff's statements are important and what it all has to do with resonance.

This week, an interview with Christian Tetzlaff in Strings Magazine caused a little sensation on the internet.

Concert violinist Tetzlaff answers the question, what he would tell today's young generation...

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