How often have you played the Hoffmeister concerto, how often have you performed it in the first round of auditions? You can stop and count, I have time. And how is practicing it? Can you still practice it or do you feel like fainting when you hear the word Hoffmeister? Not to speak of practicing the cadence…??

There is something you can do about it, and it's in your hands, or rather, on your music stand:

It's your sheet music.

Your old, travelled, loved, hated, scribbled on, advice holding sheet music.

Remember when you were 15 years old and performed the piece for the very first time. How you dried off your hands with your handkerchief and took one more deep breath before stepping on that stage. And the enthusiasm and intoxicating rush when it all was over… and so suddenly, too!

So much has happened in between! You're somebody else now, as back then aged 15. You performed the Hoffmeister many times after, gained experience, visited concerts, laughed, cried, played, loved.

If you're working with the same music as back then, it may be time for a new start: indulge yourself in a brand-new edition.

Give yourself a new perspective for a small price.

Sure, there are many things that could give you a new perspective. A masterclass, a Resonance lesson with me, traveling, getting to know people, visiting concerts, laughing, crying, playing, loving.

But the perspective that will move you furthest?

Is the one from which you're looking at the piece RIGHT NOW.

Anything else would only delay that moment.

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