Elasticity allows us to regulate our breathing flexibly, to move smoothly, to bring out a plasticity in our sound, and ultimately to feel refreshed after practicing. (Yes, that's possible!)

Elasticity is attained solely through our fasciae, also called connective tissue.

This new, young and groundbreaking realization about human biology collides with conventional medicine's image of the human body: that of a skeleton that holds the body together, with the muscles wrapped around it. Instead, according to the newest Fascia Research, fasciae are in charge of not only giving the body its form, but its power, agility, flexibility and smoothness of movement.

For the last two years I've devoted myself to this topic and have found it to be the key for understanding and addressing our musician's body and its needs completely and fully. I've observed some incredible results on myself and on my clients, in connection to power transmission, release of tension, performance anxiety, etc. and today I want to pass this realization on to you.

I recommend watching the excellent documentary "Fascinating Fasciae" about this topic, which is available on YouTube.

Watch a film that will rock your world in 52 minutes. (And tell me afterwards how you liked it!)

Version Française

Watch the French version "Fascinants fascias: les alliés secrets de notre organisme" on Youtube.

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