Go beyond technique.

Move with your sound.

Individual sessions at the instrument

Bring your instrument, bring your questions, or whatever is holding you back.

Discover new possibilities and how to apply them.

"When I work with Maria, she understands perfectly where I am: mentally, physically and emotionally. With her, I always feel in very good hands."

Jordi Armengol, piano, Cor de Cambra del Palau de la Música Catalana, Barcelona

Pain relief

If you're in pain or if you have tensions in the body, we can dissolve them together. I treat you to a sequence of movements based on the principles of Resonance Training: movement with the gravity centers of the whole body and its segments (did you know that your shoulder also has a gravity center?).

You'll be able to feel, with each moment, how the flow returns into your body and how well-being is restored. It looks pretty much like on the photo and feels great, just saying. The best: it's 100% music oriented, meaning, oriented to your body's needs as a musician. You'll notice and hear the difference in playing immediately.

I give sessions in Berlin, Germany

Berlin offers excellent (and affordable) connections to all major European cities. If you can't travel to Berlin, visit the events page to see if I'm in your city soon. So far this year, I've traveled to Geneva, Stuttgart, Vienna, Barcelona and Mallorca.

My work is for musicians of all instruments, including singing and conducting.

Whether you are a music student or a professional, my work is highly specialized and individually adapted to fit your needs and your specific situation.

My work is based on organics, not technique.

Technique means to develop certain muscles in order to play or sing. Organics means to use the whole body to make music. So that every part of the body is participating at any given time, either directly or indirectly.

Profit from my experience as a performer, learner, and teacher.

My work is based on my experience and on the principles of Resonance Training. The guiding principle of Resonance Training is: "The more ease in the movement, the more resonant the sound." To find out more about it, you can read my free 18 page PDF where I explain the work in detail and start applying this principle today.

What is the cost of sessions?

Sessions are 60€ in Berlin and Barcelona. Away from those two cities, sessions start at 80€.

Are you ready to leave behind the limitations of being a pro?

My work is almost like an instrument lesson, but without the fluff, without the teacher's ego and without the BS. To look at movement, sound, emotion, and awareness changes your whole game. I don't offer "tips", I offer a space where you can experiment, take risks, and see where it all could really go. And then, go there.

When I with musicians for longer periods of time, their playing and teaching absolutely transforms.

Get to know me:

Request your in-person deep session.

A private session to work on your questions and find out where all of this could go.