How can I support you?

For performers / music students

You're seeking a different, holistic, more fulfilled way of performing and practicing. Maybe you've even had a go at taking some Alexander lessons, but it just wasn't your cup o'tea. Or maybe that's not you at all. Maybe the other day you had a look around in your orchestra or chamber group rehearsal and felt like you're the only sane person in the room. Even contemplated not taking on those projects anymore. Like, what are you even doing this for? Money? Maybe you're tired of this biz and what it has to offer. Or maybe you're a music student and you feel something's off with your lessons; things don't seem to move and you keep getting contrary comments from different sources... And you don't know what's right for you anymore.

For instrument or singing teachers

All those afternoons with half-hour comings and goings of students, like an assembly-line? Sure way to kill your love for teaching. Feeling the tension between instructing beginners on the basics while wanting to show them MUSIC, while trying not to spoil their natural talent? Trying to keep things fun for yourself in spite of working with "slower" students? Then, on top of it, the pressure to show them everything you know, not being able to do much with the time you have, but feeling exhausted after just a short afternoon of lessons? Can't this be different??

For established groups / musical institutions

You're looking for an experience to enable your musicians to have more confidence, tools and responsibility for their musicianship, and also just to have more fun and discover new things together. Filling the gap between knowledge and implementation is important to you. You're looking for a training that is not your typical masterclass, but an empowering learning experience that is going to have a lasting impact on your group.

Let's work together and do something about this. See how we could work together.

What's it like to work together?

Individual sessions are on the instrument.

We look at a piece or several pieces you want to explore.

We look at the specific ways in which you can either do more of what you already do, or change the things that aren't working for you.

If you're in tension or pain, I'll show you body exercises that will open your body and release and dissolve those tensions or pain.

We'll open up for what's possible, for your personal way of expressing yourself, free from limiting beliefs, free of mental clutter, free of excess tension. Just playing music and letting the sound move you and your audience (and don't ever believe those who tell you that you're not supposed to enjoy your playing - joy can be available to you, wherever you are, whatever the stakes are. Let me show you how.)

If you're ready for a change, below are some ways I can support you.

How we can work together:

Individual sessions at the instrument

We take time to look at your individual needs and your specific situation. Our work together will give you tools you can apply over and over again: in practice, performance, and especially in your day-to-day teaching. Sessions offer the opportunity to work on a specific topic for a set period of time, or work on an topic that you prefer to discuss privately.



From 2 to 6 days, a workshop allows you to get to know me and my work with all the advantages of a group experience. I give workshops for individual musicians and for already established musical groups or institutions (e.g. members of a choir or orchestra, faculty of instrument/singing teachers, music students in a university, etc.). Also, read on if you're interested in organizing a workshop in your area.


"Dear Maria, I'm astounded at how your impulses are standing the test in the everyday ongoing activity frenzy. I had a couple of days of intense rehearsals, meetings and concerts, and I could reduce my fatigue enourmously, through consequent application of the body exercises you showed me. I'm thankful and enthralled, and happy to continue forward on this path."

Matthias Buck, violin, Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen

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